Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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A Tutorial on Wget
Apt-get command Manual
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Convert Dos/mac Files to Unix format
Copying Directories in linux
Copying Files in Linux
Counting words & lines in a File
cp manual
Crontab !!
Crontab Manual
Date Command Manual
Date Manual
df manual
Disk Monitoring and reporting Utilities in linux
Download Managers In Linux
Dpkg Cheat Sheet
du manual
Files used by a program
Gnome Shortcuts
grep manual
Handling archives in linux
How to add path
How to add splashimage to grub.
How to boot windows from Grub Screen
How to change File type associations in Gnome
How to change the default timeout before default OS boots in grub
How to Change You desktop resolution
How to configure Evolution Mail Client for GMAIL
How to connect to a XDMCP server from linux client
How to create custom Keyboard shortcuts
How to enable automatic login in Linux
How to import Data from Excel Sheet into Database
How to Install English Dictionary In Linux
How to install java plugin for firefox in linux
How to Install Mplayer Skins
How to make an ISO image in linux
How to make Open Office Load Faster
How to mount an iso file in linux
How to mount Fat32 or Vfat Partition in linux
How to remove hard Drive Partition icons from Desktop
How to set Default Operating System to boot IN GRUB
How to View .Chm files in Linux
How to view djvu files in linux
How to View HTML files from Console.
How to view pdf file from console in linux
Linux Sites
ls manual
lsof manual
Mount Command Manual
mv manual
Nautilus Scripts for making Small Utilities
Pendrive Linux
ps command
ps manual
ps tree manual
pstree command
Removing directories in linux
Removing Files in Linux
rm manual
Sort Manual
Taking screenshots in linux
The mount Command
The Sort Command
The Top command
top manual
Tutorial on command Ls
w3m manual
Watch Manual
Wget Manual
What is command to invoke Adobe acrobat reader in linux

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